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Alexis George

Alexis is twelve years old and is from Walker, West Virginia. She joined Phoenix Twirlers in November of 2022. She has been twirling for many years but has been competing individually since May 2022. Her favorite twirling memory is her very first competition, Miss Majorette of West Virginia, where she earned her very first pageant title of Novice Preteen West Virginia Pageant Winner. This past may, she earned the title of Novice Preteen West Virginia Pageant Winner for the second year in a row!

Alexis has been working very hard to learn new tricks and she loves performing at competitions. She is the reigning 2024 West Virginia State Preteen Beginner Solo Winner and has already received multiple first places for the 2024 competition season. She has worked very hard to learn new skills and perfect her current skills set. She has overcome a lot to get to where she is and is only working harder to make herself better.

Alexis is very excited to be a part of Phoenix Twirlers and to be twirling with her friends. She is looking forward to learning new routines, new tricks, and earning more trophies and awards. She is so much fun to be around and always brings a positive energy to practice and performances.

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Fun Facts

Alexis loves getting to travel to new competitions and getting to spend time with her teammates. Her favorite trick is a three spin and left handed fishtails. She is currently working on mastering her two spins with various catches as well as her toss illusions. She loves learning and working on new tricks and combinations. Alexis also plays volleyball and basketball with her middle school!

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