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Kahlia Richards

Kahlia is six years old and is from Parkersburg, West Virginia. This is her first year of competitive baton twirling and she has already learned so much. She is a very fast learner and loves to practice her skills both in the gym and at home. She has recently captured two new titles, 2024 Triple Crown Miss St. Patrick's Day Pageant Winner and 2024 Miss Capital City Pageant Winner, both in the Novice 0-6 division.

Kahlia is so full of personality and is so much fun to be around. She is always willing to strike up a conversation and isn't afraid to say what's on her mind. Kahlia is very outgoing and is not a shy girl whatsoever. She loves making new friends and meeting people at competitions. This girl can make a friend everywhere she goes and always has a positive view on things.

She is a very hard worker and is very excited to have such a great group of athletes to look up to. She has been working hard on her basics and learning her new team routines and solo routines. We can't wait to see what her first year of baton twirling will bring, competing with the team and competing individually!


Fun Facts

Kahlia's favorite tricks are thumb tosses and flat tosses. Her favorite individual event is basic strut but she is already loving her new solo. She is always working on her routines and is willing to show them off to anyone. She is very excited to be a part of some of our 2024 competition team routines and to be a part of a great community and twirling family! She is especially excited to be doing this along side her big brother, Keandre!

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