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About Phoenix Twirlers

Phoenix Twirlers is a competitive baton and show team based out of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Under the direction of Miranda and Sherri Scott, we are focused on creating class act athletes and developing physical and cognitive skills, all while creating lifelong friendships and memories. Our team values hone in on the concepts of overall health and well-being of our athletes. Phoenix Twirlers accepts all athletes, regardless of age, ability, gender, and prior twirling experience.


Monthly dues for all members are $40. Households with two or more twirlers receive a discount and monthly dues will be $30 a month per twirler. Members are expected to purchase their own apparel, uniforms, and batons. Fundraisers are held through out the year to go towards each members personal account, which can be used to purchase the previously listed items. All other props and equipment is provided by and property of the Phoenix Twirlers and their coaches.


We compete in multiple local, state, regional, and national level competitions, including NBTA, DMA, and TU-sanctioned competitions. We also perform at local parades and festivals throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley. A majority of our competitions and performances are within 60 minutes of Parkersburg. However, we do travel out of state to compete in competitions in locations such as Columbus, Canton, Weston, and Nationals in South Bend IN.

Time Commitment

We meet for practice two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Competitions and parades are typically held on Saturdays but can sometimes be on Sundays. Competition and performance schedules are always posted and given to parents in advance as we know about them . You can find some of our upcoming events on our events page.

Team Values


A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. The sport of twirling requires mental focus, discipline, and attention that will translate physically. We use positive reinforcement to help twirlers build a strong connection to baton twirling that allows them to have a positive creative outlet.


We believe that a healthy body is a vital part of the process of growing up. Baton twirling helps children stay active while working on agility and flexibility through exercise and stretching. It also allows children to discover their physical limits, which in turn can prevent injuries.


We focus on correct dance and baton twirling technique. It is very important to us that twirlers are given the proper material and are taught correctly from the beginning. Twirlers should learn in a way that best suits them and helps them succeed in order to become the best versions of themselves possible.


Confidence is a key part to leading a positive and nurturing lifestyle. Self- Confidence allows twirlers to thrive in their performances and become resilient in everything that they do. It helps not only themselves, but it also allows them to help their teammates learn, grow, and have fun while doing it.


We encourage positive relationships not only with our teammates, but with our competitors as well. When it is all said and done, the memories we make with our friends will last a lifetime. What matters isn't how many titles or trophies you win, but the memories made with friends along the way!

External Links & Resources

We know the rules of the twirling world can get a little tricky sometimes, especially when competing in multiple organizations. We take great pride in knowing and understanding the rules for every contest we go to. We want to offer these resources in hopes to help educate the twirling community and to help answer any questions.

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