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Haylee Lemon

Haylee started twirling at just five years old. One day, she came home with a flyer from school and the rest is history. She took a break for a few years and came back to twirling at age 12, twirling with a team for the very first time. She started competing individually at age 14, participating in her very first competition at the DMA Fall Classic. After a month of hard work and lots of practice, it all paid off. She ended up winning her very first title, Fall Classic- Starlet, in the 13-14 age division. Since then, she has won several local, state, and regional titles. She is the reigning 2024 Triple Crown Senior Miss Twirl-A-Bration, 2024 Triple Crown Senior Miss Twirlentine, and 2023 Senior Intermediate Parkersburg Homecoming Majorette Queen.

Haylee is looking forward to competing in the advanced division for the first time this season. What she loves about about baton twirling is learning new tricks, meeting new people, and seeing friends from all over the country. Some of her favorite tricks she does in her individual routines include two baton showers and toss rolls on the floor. Her favorite things to do with her teammates include spending time with them at hotels and getting to swim and go out to eat with them after a long day of competing.

Haylee has such a bubbly and happy personality and brings so much life to our team. She is always a positive influence and is a great inspiration to her teammates. She is always willing to help out and encourages others to be the best they can be.

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Fun Facts

Haylee loves getting to meet new people and having fun with her friends and even her competitors at competitions. Her favorite memory is when she went out to eat with her new teammates after their first competition together. One of her favorite tricks from her solo is a high toss-roll on the floor. She is excited to help new twirlers find their love for baton twirling and watch them grow!

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